Meet the 2nd half of the podcast…Heather

Meet the 2nd half of the podcast…Heather

I laugh to keep from crying, I have 4 kids, you know.

Heather @ One Fed Up Mommy

By now, you guys have met Copper in our previous post. Here’s a bit about the other half of our awesome podcast mom team, Heather…

What’s to know about me?

I’m a stay at home mom of 4 and I’ve been married since 1998. I have 3 girls and a boy (I know, poor him). My oldest is a teenage girl, yes the gates of hell are upon us. Born and raised a Florida girl, we moved to Texas 6 years ago and I have finally found my home.

Two things you should know about me and we’ll get along great – I’ve got the patience of a saint and the mouth of a sailor. I always say that if that’s the worst vice you ever have, you’ll do alright in life.

I was a graphic designer and art teacher in my former life and now spend my days writing and cleaning up after all these kids who insist on living here. I swear they won’t leave, but when they decide to, I assure you that it will break my heart.

I have an art degree and would seriously love to paint, but have no room nor the time. So the only painting I do these days are my house walls after the kids have run their grubby hands over them.

Writing has always been my passion. I was even published when I was younger. I used to write a family blog and was once a contributor for a local affiliate of a national mom website. I currently write a personal blog called “One Fed Up Mommy”




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