Reflections On Week One

Reflections On Week One

One week. Our show has been live for one week. Our numbers are great. Our followers has doubled. Your feedback has been awesome. Seriously guys, we love you for your support. This is not and will not ever be a perfect show. There will be speed bumps. And there will be belly flops. But please, stick with us. We are new at this and the learning curve is so stinking steep.

When Heather called me and said “Hey girl, I have a crazy idea. Do you have a minute?”, I don’t think either one of us realized what she really meant is “Hey. Let’s take on what is basically a full-time job where we know absolutely nothing and the only pay is our pride.” (Unless Tide calls and wants to sponsor us and then yo guys, prepare yourselves for some product placement. We have a lot of mouths to feed between the 2 of us and they are bottomless pits.) But I think we are both at a point in our lives where we are looking for a side dish to the main course that is our life. Something new, something challenging, something that reminds us that we are more than two minivans in the car line, dirty dishes, and piles of laundry. This podcast has put us in that position.Not only are we utilizing abilities we already have, we are both learning a whole new field as we go along. The logistics and technology behind podcasting is quite the maze but we are doing it, one left turn at a time.

Heather has voiced to me a few times how scary this all is to her. The thought of putting herself out there is daunting. And I have to agree. If you have taken any time to read her blog, Our Life So Far, you know she is an amazing writer. But writing is so controlled. When we work on our blogs, we form our words like sugar cookies and all you see is the finished product. Not the pile of wasted dough off to the side. All you see are the words that we want you to. Podcasting is so different. You hear our accents, my old office chair squeaking, one of us taking a drink. Chances are, you are going to eventually hear kids fighting in the background. We will mispronounce words, laugh big ugly cackles that will make you cringe and chuckle at the same time, and have little moments of silence as we gather our thoughts. We will go off subject, probably a lot. We do this very easily, it is why our work meetings tend to take 3 times longer than they should. This is a big leap for us. It’s hard to let people see this side of you, the unedited you. But we are doing it. We are sticking our heads in that lion’s mouth. And we highly recommend it.


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