Laundry List Episode 6

Laundry List Episode 6


On this episode, we ask Copper’s son Jack some questions…and we get some very interesting answers. We learn when it’s ok NOT to fart (hint, probably never).

We also talked food. Food is serious business in a house with kids. We discussed making kids meals vs adult meals and the importance of sitting down together as a family, even if mommy is buzzing around like a bee while all the kids eat. (That counts, right?)

Discover which one of us (surprisingly) meal plans and which one doesn’t.

Heather told Copper about a really neat website that lets you enter what food you have in your pantry and it gives you recipes based on that. Here’s the link…it’s a website called Super Cook.

Find out that we both kind of agreed that those home delivery food services just aren’t really for us and that Heather might possibly be buying discount meat off the back of a guy’s truck.

This episode was chock full of real life interruptions, including a yummy slush from the boys to Heather (which was wonderful, by the way). This, ladies and gentlemen is what it’s like “under the laundry pile”.

Question of the week? Do you menu plan or wing it?

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