Laundry List – Episode 7

Laundry List – Episode 7


Back to school kicked our butts and it took us 2 rerecords to get this episode. I’m sure you can all relate the hell that is “back to school”.

Since Heather has a newfound obsession with Rumchata, we found it fitting to record over a cup of Rumchata spiked coffee. We talked about the days leading up to the first day of school, including Copper’s vacation where she had Shrek feet and Red gets into a bit of trouble at Culver’s. (Sorry little Culver’s dude)

Heather’s oldest started high school and learned the hard way NOT to wear heels to school. Things might have gotten a bit hairy with cheese, glue guns that could easily subsitute as a waxer for your mustache. And WHY on God’s green earth does Copper have it on the table at the Mexican restaurant?

We discuss Target, Instagram challenges and what Copper might do with her days now that she has more free time since her kids were born.

Did you guys have back to school fiascos? Or is it always sunshine and roses? Yeah, right. Who are you, Cinderella?

Drop us a line and let us know. As always, we love your feedback and comments.

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