Laundry List – Episode 8

Laundry List – Episode 8


Episode 8 was a catch all. We got all fall-y and stuff. We talked about pumpkins, probably more than we should have. Since we live in Texas, we just can’t decide when to decorate for fall. Let’s just say, we still haven’t yet.

Hear how we almost “popped our cherry” on the last episode.  But we didn’t, stay tuned because pretty sure we will eventually. Probably sooner rather than later.

Find out why Copper says “there’s more acreage to shave” and her slight obsession with JJ Watt, HEB AND his 3 foot grandma.

We also talked about Pinterest and Benedict Cumberbatch (I sure hope I spelled his name right, because Copper loves him and I think he’s ugly, hence not knowing how to spell his last name correctly.)

Questions of the week were:

What are your tried and true Pinterest Pins? Which ones have you actually been successful at?

When do you decorate for fall? Do you wait for cooler weather or the second the kids step out the door for that first day of school?

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